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Armando Casas

This project was born in San Carlos school, where a group of friends meet in order to propose a vision that helps the world, climate change and mainly the problem of lack of decent housing in which many people find themselves. We combined this with the technological capacity that we had and the knowledge in branches such as philosophy, physics and trigonometry that we possessed.


Mycelium bricks

A new way of conceiving construction

Bricks built from orellana fungus mycelium, whose mold would also fulfill the task of giving the brick a modular design that would only be possible given the properties of the material made from mycelium.


House plans

In 3D and 2D

Plans of the proposed house. The plans are made using the Roomle digital tool, which allows you to create a plan in either 2D or 3D as needed.

Cost study

Made in excel, extrapolated to the real world

The study of costs allows to "lay" the project. It gives you a framework in which you could define if the house is viable or not. Materials and labor were included in the study, all with the purpose of achieving the most realistic approximation to the real cost of housing.

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